PCalc Prevents iPhone Profanity

UPDATE: Yes, this was intended as satire.

Here at TLA Systems, we take our responsibility to protect innocent minds very seriously.

Have you, or somebody close to you, ever turned your calculator upside down and accidentally seen a mildly suggestive word? Have you ever been in a maths class, and had to put up with groups of giggling boys performing elaborate calculations that are not part of the lesson?

Yes, it’s one of the main problems affecting the calculator industry today, the so-called “calculator words”. These otherwise harmless devices can be made to display smut at the press of a few buttons. Added to that, the iPhone App Store is very strict about having inappropriate content in apps. Nobody wants their app to get a 17+ rating, or worse, to be rejected entirely.

Which is why we are happy to announce that the latest version of our PCalc scientific calculator for the iPhone contains a new patent-worthy profanity filter.

Simply enter a number such as “5318008”, turn the calculator upside down, and the offending word will be discreetly censored. Many common calculator words have been included as standard, and we plan to increase this over time via software updates.

This pioneering technology is available in both the full PCalc, as well as in the totally free PCalc Lite. Ideal for classroom settings, and for the very easily offended.

Some people might say that this is just a humourous attempt to drum up some publicity, and we should really be concentrating on the things that make PCalc one of the most popular calculators on the App Store. Like, for example, the intuitive user interface that takes full advantage of the iPhone, the optional RPN mode, or the wealth of powerful features.

Or, these same people might want us to point out that this new version comes with a coupon code that’s worth $9 off the price of PCalc for Mac OS X, effectively making PCalc for the iPhone a mere 99c if you were thinking of buying both.

But we think we know our audience.

You can find out more details at www.pcalc.com and download either of the iPhone applications here.

7 Responses to “PCalc Prevents iPhone Profanity”

  • I am SO saddened by the community here.
    Are you offended folks the same ones that think we’re just picking on Roman Polanski?
    Are you that void of humor in your life?
    We are indeed at the end when this is the response to something so subtly witty.
    Kudos James, I’ve forwarded to a number of folks who have now purchased this product – not on the merits of the joke – but on the merits of a superb product and developer.


  • hmmm… what kind of people would NOT want funny words spelled upside down! Seems you are taking away something fun about a calculator. And at £5.99 I think I will give it a miss!

  • It doesn’t seem to work in PCalc Lite 1.8 on a 2nd gen iPod touch running OS 2.2.1:


    Terrific idea!

  • I’m surprised no one made the obligatory PA reference: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2006/6/2/

    By the way, I hereby propose that October 1st be consider the Autumn’s April’s fool day.

  • Oh sad times, yes censorship is a serious issue (especially these days) and many here seem offended that you would ‘stoop’ to censor your own material, but comedy has always been the most effective way to put a tricky point forward and have it acknowledged. Even if you had no higher purpose than making a few people chuckle you have succeeded in spades!

    If you got nothing but abuse for this for the rest of the app’s days, it would still be worth it for the smirk the apple rep vetting your update undoubtedly had when your file came across his desk(top). BOOBIES!

  • This is so stupid, it’s easy to figure out what you are censoring so there’s no point to do that !!

  • James,

    for a horrible few days I did not know that this was a joke. Until I saw your blog and realised that you were Scottish, I thought that you were part of some sort of American far right disneyland censoring group that was really trying to rid the world (that is east AND west coast) of rude words that were not in the bible. I nearly deleted PCalc.

    What a relief. This was too close to reality. Don’t scare us like that.

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